Coceiving the Perception

While on holidays with his family on the seaside of Corsica, Emmanuel Dietrich conceived the first complication of the brand, the Perception. It featured the first-ever “relative seconds” display, conveying the emotional aspect of time.


Launch of Perception

At Baselworld 2017, DIETRICH presented the Perception and its unique way of displaying the seconds in the way that we feel it, rather than measure it.


Launch of Time Companion

2017 also saw the launch of the Time Companion collection, a homage to Gerald Genta and the fascinating category of watches he created: the luxury stainless steel sports watch with an integrated bracelet.


Goodbye to Organic Time

The difficult decision to say goodbye to the Organic Time was taken, in order to pursue the goal of making our watches holistically Swiss Made.


Introduction of DD-1

Introduction of the DD-1 (for Dietrich Device Nr. 1), a new chapter in the brand’s organic design approach. The same spirit of the OT but in a very different execution, matured but still playful.

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