For men who
dare to dare.

Independence is the most beautiful path and allows us to conceive exactly the design we have in mind. Create your own territory.



At the outer fringes of our time and space, we found the future vessel for your finest hours.


Time Companion

The sporty steel watch with integrated bracelet is a timeless icon, a universal time tool par excellence that is able to adapt itself to any wardrobe or situation in your life with impeccable style and functionality. Discover our interpretation of this icon.



With our first concept watch, our imagination took us to the limits of micromechanics. How to materialize the relativity of time? How to make emotions visible? Discover our beautiful answer now.

Watch care

Let us help you to choose your watch or to maintain, repair, personalize and cherish it.

About Dietrich

We are designers at heart, in love with the curve, fascinated by the straight, obsessed with form, function, and the achievement of their perfect union. Our watches have their own personality, and are destined for those who aren’t afraid to express theirs.

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