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Skin Diver 2

The story continues in the brand’s Skin Diver chapter with a new successor to the SD-1, the SD-2 encapsulates the concept of “functional elegance”. Specially designed for professionals who work around environments near the water and carry out maritime missions on the regular, but also for those who aren’t afraid to use their tool watches to proper use, as intended

Discover the successor to the SD-1.

Current Status

Our Next Chapter

“In the midst of a busy year filled with lots of exciting projects, I have found some time to contemplate the future of DIETRICH. Today I am delighted to share a glimpse of what’s brewing—a new design is already in the works, with prototypes ready for testing soon. So, stay tuned.”

— Emmanuel Dietrich


Time Companion

The sporty steel watch with integrated bracelet is a timeless icon, a universal time tool par excellence that is able to adapt itself to any wardrobe or situation in your life with impeccable style and functionality.

Discover our interpretation of this icon.

About Dietrich

What We Stand For

At Dietrich, we value timepieces as keepers of precious memories and design them not only to tell time, but also to reflect the unique personalities and stories of those who wear them.

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The Archives

Step inside the creative mind of designer Emmanuel Dietrich and learn about the most intimate part of his design universe.

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