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Skin Diver


Gentle reminder to cherish the little moments.


The Skin Diver (SD-1) marks Dietrich’s first foray into the brand’s new creative direction for the new decade and beyond, that is to reinterpret the templates of iconic watches from the past. With the SD-1, Emmanuel Dietrich made it a point to emphasize on the philosophical aspect of this watch.


In today’s world, we often find ourselves drowning in the mundane rhythm of everyday life, so often that we don’t give ourselves the time to stop, and busk our bodies and wary mind in the warmth of the simple things, contentment.

We as human beings in the 21st century lead busy lives and we constantly pursue for balance and equilibrium. The SD-1 was conceived based on that very hunger and desire. Imagine being underwater, surrounded only by the sound of water and the calming presence of the waves, as you look up and all you can see is the sunrays gleaming through the surface, that sense of tranquillity and Zen was what we aim to capture with the SD-1 in its entirety. It heavily influenced the design language of the SD-1, as well as the choice of materials used in the construction.


The Dietrich SD-1 was designed to serve as a gentle reminder to all of its future owners to constantly pursue balance, to slow down, and enjoy the little things, the little moments of tranquillity.


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