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We love the contact with our customers and will be more than happy to know and help you. Don’t hesitate to contact us, to ask us any question. We will inform you, help you to choose your watch or to maintain, repair, personalize and cherish it.

Service Centers

It is advisable to carry out a full service at an authorized DIETRICH Service Center once every 5 years for a watch with a mechanical movement, whether it is with automatic or manual.
We are happy to propose you this service or to help you finding a service center in your near.

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International Warranty

We offer an international guarantee covering all manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase.

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Watch Care

In order to fully appreciate your watch, please find below some helpful tips and instructions.

Watch Care

  • General Maintenance
  • Changing the Strap
  • Water Resistancy
  • Winding your Watch
  • Schedule your Service

General Maintenance

The best way to clean a watch is simply to wash it under clear water while using dish soap and a soft tooth brush. Dry it and buff it gently with a soft towel. Don’t use any chemical or polishing products since they could damage the sealing or the anti-glare coating of the sapphire. And wear it !

Changing the strap

Our leather or fabric straps are so easy to change, we don’t need to explain you. For the metal bracelet of our Time Companion, the complete change of a bracelet needs a special tooling and can be done only in a Dietrich Service Center.

Water Resistancy

Our watches all offer a minimum water resistance of 50 meters. They are perfectly resistant to shower and support easily an occasional swimming. Please be aware that they are not conceived to dive deeper under the water surface and that water under high pressure (for example from a Kärcher) still represents a risk. Be also aware that brutal change of temperature can create condensation into a watch, either if water resistant. Don’t dive brutally in the fresh water after a sun bath for example.

Winding your Watch

It is recommended to wind your watch before wearing it, to ensure the best precision possible. Once the crown is unscrewed and you have set the time, turn the crown 10 time between your fingers for an automatic. For a manual watch, wind it until you feel the resistance of the spring stop.

An automatic watch winds itself fast if you have an active way of life. It will hold power for at least one and a half day if not worn.

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