• 2010

    The Birth of Dietrich

    Emmanuel Dietrich established his eponymous brand DIETRICH, with the objective of sharing his own horological vision after having designed for major brands for 17 years.

  • 2012

    GTE Geneva

    First public presentation at the GTE Geneva in January 2012, where a young blogger called Ariel Adam fell in love with the “Snow”, a watch dedicated to Ski. DIETRICH also attended Baselworld for the first time that year.

    (Cover image via Ariel Adams)

  • 2013

    Development of Organic Time

    Creation and development of the Organic Time, a model with a strong image and a singular design language that allows DIETRICH to create its own space within the watch world.

    (Cover image via DA MAN Magazine)

  • 2014

    Launch of Organic Time

    Baselworld 2014 confirmed the market’s interest and made the launch of the collection official. The first Instagram post from our friend, Amr Sindi (@thehorophile)

    (Cover image via thehorophile)

  • 2015

    Spreading of Counterfeits

    Counterfeits of the OT collection were starting to spread, an undesirable but unavoidable side-effect of the collection’s success.

  • 2016

    Conceiving the Perception

    While on holidays with his family on the seaside of Corsica, Emmanuel Dietrich conceived the first complication of the brand, the Perception. It featured the first-ever “relative seconds” display, conveying the emotional aspect of time.

  • 2017

    Launch of Perception

    At Baselworld 2017, DIETRICH presented the Perception and its unique way of displaying the seconds in the way that we feel it, rather than measure it.

  • 2017

    Launch of Time Companion

    The world saw the launch of the Time Companion collection, Emmanuel Dietrich's personal take on the category of luxury sports watches with integrated bracelets.

  • 2018

    Goodbye to Organic Time

    We said a difficult goodbye to the Organic Time lineup, signifying the imminent introduction of a new design.

  • 2019

    Introduction of DD-1

    Introduction of the DD-1 (for Dietrich Device Nr. 1), a new chapter in the brand’s organic design approach. The same spirit of the OT but in a very different execution, matured but still playful.

  • 2021

    Launch of Skin Diver

    The Skin Diver marks Dietrich’s new creative direction in pursuit of reinterpreting iconic watch templates of the past.

  • 2022

    Launch of the Skin Diver 2

    The Skin Diver 2 seeks the same creative pursuit as it's predecessor, with a renewed focus on simplicity, utility, and durability.

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