Time Companion

100% stainless steel, 100% design, 100% bold.



The sporty steel watch with integrated bracelet is a timeless icon, a universal time tool par excellence that is able to adapt itself to any wardrobe or situation in your life with impeccable style and functionality.

Our versatile “Time Companion” has all the makings of a future icon. And it does so in a very DIETRICH way, from the rounded hexagonal silhouette, which runs at the core of our identity, to the original and sensual metal strap. Being universal doesn’t preclude being special.


The metal bracelet is the core identity of this watch category; something that other watchmakers have failed to understand and implement across all price points. Our bracelet is unique, an eye (and light) catcher, and is above all comfortable and ergonomically conceived. The almost reptilian structure is highly organic and therefore completely part of the DIETRICH DNA.

Homage to Gerald Genta

The creation of this watch category is the gift Mr. Genta made to the world of watchmaking and to us designers. Each of us dreams to measure himself with the master and create his own interpretation of the stainless steel myth. It is our way of paying tribute and making the link with the foundations of our domain.

Time Companion

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