Time and emotions in micro-mechanical motion.



With our first concept watch, our imagination took us to the limits of micromechanics. How to materialize the relativity of time? How to make emotions visible? It had to be a complication on the second, the only time unit we are able to see in motion in a classical watch. But the second axis has very little torque, and the engineers said “impossible”. Well, impossible is just another limit we love to cross. And here it is, the first of its type, with a complex yet ultra-light and friction-free solution. But you won’t see it. Instead, you can t the fascinating course of the hand alongside its complex path, sweeping through the micro landscape of the dial.

Relative second

Watch making is about dividing time in equal parts, and no one seems to care about our real perception of time in a numerical world. This is why we created the relative second.

This complication gives a dramatic feeling of emotional time and makes it almost impossible to count the seconds while looking at the hand. Because some seem too long, while other are too short – a metaphor for real life.

Wandering 24 hours

The wandering hours is an ancient and well-known way of displaying time. But something was never questioned in this construction: why show the time using the conventional 12 hours inherited from the circular watch dial? We decided to develop the first 24 hours wandering hours display, using 6 rotating disks engraved with 4 numbers each, and supported by a carousel rotating once a day. As far as we know, it is a world first that we are immensely proud of.


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