• DD-1

    DD-1 signifie « Dietrich Device number one », ou Instrument Dietrich numéro un, et sera notre prochain garde-temps. Restez attentif, son apparition est imminente !  

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  • Manifesto

    Notre nouvelle campagne de communication est à l’affiche sur la « Bahnhofstrasse » à Zurich. Voici le manifeste qui a donné le ton : THE MANIFESTO We are designers of our own life. We survived all kind of crisis. Personal ones, financial ones and even martial ones. We turned experimenting into experience. We turned ideals into ideas. …

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  • Presenting The Horophile x DIETRICH OT-H

    @thehorophile is not only an authority in the watch world, he is also our dear friend and one of the first we partnered with to create a limited edition. His purple obsession took the form of the beautiful OT-H, a very, very limited edition!

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