This is probably my first time I am entering this area.

I’ve always felt a certain connection with this part of the sea. It’s odd, irrational but after working here for many years, I’ve always wanted to come and get a closer look at this area myself.

The weather conditions were not ideal at all, but I didn’t care. My desire to visit was simply too strong to be disrupted by external factors. It such a strange feeling, but I’ve felt completely at home when I am out here alone at the docks, in some ways, it always felt like calm before the storm.

Jakob Owens

I sat on the edge of the docks as I watched the sea waves carelessly dribbled onto the shore. Majestic, beautiful, calming. The waves gently doused the beach and retreated back into the sea, again and again, like a harmonious symphony – a sea-song, if you will. There is something hypnotic and calming about this past time of mine. Many people ask me, why do I always come out here alone? I never once tried to explain, nor had I even tried to understand why myself. But now that I think about it, it is this feeling of disconnect I am addicted to, being out here helps me forget about a lot the things that inherently bother me in my day to day. Being out here, I felt a plethora of emotions running through my mind, I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty and mystique of the sea as it reminded me of how insignificant my humble existence is. Oddly enough, I always felt this is the only place I could truly feel like myself, it is like a temporary escape from this chaotic world as I know it.

Jamie Street

I glanced down on my wrist to check the time, I see my trusty SD-2 in its beautiful and subtle shade of azure blue, cheekily peeking out of my jacket sleeve, letting me know that its time to get back to work. I work at the docks, and there are times where I find my work repetitive, mundane. However, it gives me the opportunity to come out here, which made it all worthwhile, at least in my books. My SD-2 has been with me throughout this journey, you could tell by its weary demeanour, the dings and scratches I accumulated while wearing it at work. But ultimately, I admire its resilience and no-nonsense personality, it is reminiscent to the way I approach my work.

Before I got up to head back to the docks, I stood still and tried to catch the gentle sea breeze hitting my face one last time. The salty scent of the breeze fills my nostrils as it invigorates my soul, and temporarily satisfied my insatiable fascination with the sea, and its deepest secrets.

It was time for me to head back to the docks for my night shift, so I mustered all my strength, picked myself up and took the final gulp of my now-cold coffee. On my way back, I realised there was a renewed sense of enthusiasm and motivation within me, perhaps this momentary sense of disconnect was something I needed – No, it was probably the only thing that kept me going.