Dietrich Device #1

At the outer fringes of our time and space, we found the future vessel for your finest hours.

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What if? Where is the limit? Where can design take us if we let go and embark on an adventurous journey through form and space? What will timekeeping be like tomorrow? These questions are at the heart of our approach and have led us to the creation of the DD-1, a breakthrough in watch design.

Three-dimensional approach

Thinking in three dimensions is the core of our design culture and contrasts with the conservative approach of purely graphic dials. We see the watch as a living, beating ecosphere under a glass dome, where volume, textures and depth create a miniature landscape. We wanted this space to be used to the fullest extent and host countless captivating details. Under the dial ticks a fantastic machine; one of the most durable and refined mankind has ever created.

One piece (the strap)

Simplicity is the key for perfectly working systems and solutions. Our straps are made as a single element, making it exceptionally comfortable and unbelievably simple to change. We were a pioneer of this system back in 2014, and the “frame” integrated into the case back has proven its ingenuity. It is a complicated piece to make, yet a simple, pure and perfectly integrated solution. It is a perfect example of our out-of-the-box way of thinking and imagining the timepieces of tomorrow.

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