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Time Companion

100% stainless steel, 100% design, 100% bold.


“Back in 2017, well before the trend of ‘integrated bracelets’ gained momentum among watch brands, I embarked on the journey of attempting to seamlessly combine a watch case with a well-designed bracelet myself. This resulted in the birth of the Time Companion series. Although it took some time for people to grasp the significance, in my perspective, this concept not only builds upon Gerald Genta’s legacy but also introduces unique elements, such as the entirely original hexagonal bracelet, encapsulating the distinctive essence of Dietrich.”

– Emmanuel Dietrich

Bracelets Make
The Watch

The bracelet stands as the central identity of this specific watch category, a concept that other watchmakers have overlooked at various price points. Our hexagonal bracelet is not only distinctive and visually striking but is also designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience.

For the Everyday Man

The Time Companion was crafted to possess universal appeal, seamlessly adapting to any wardrobe or situation with a blend of impeccable style and functionality. It caters especially to those who seek a straightforward, everyday watch suitable for any occasion.