Out of Production

Time Companion

100% stainless steel, 100% design, 100% bold.


The Time Companion began with our perpetual love of organic forms and geometry, which eventually took on the form and inspiration based on the iconic template laid down by the late Mr. Gerald Genta, who was the first to conceptualize the idea of visually integrating a watch case along with a bracelet to form one cohesive composition. The Time Companion builds on this foundation with several elements (i.e., the all-original hexagonal bracelet) which makes Dietrich, Dietrich.


The bracelet is the core identity of this particular watch category; something that other watchmakers have failed to understand and implement across all price points. Our hexagonal bracelet is not only unique, an eye (and light) catcher, it is comfortable to wear and ergonomically conceived.


The Time Companion was designed to hold a universal appeal that is adaptable to any wardrobe or situation with impeccable style and functionality, especially for those who desire a no-fuss, every day, every occasion watch.