Out of Production

Skin Diver 2


Functional and elegant.


“With the SD-2, I sought the exact same (and unforgettable) emotion that I felt with my first watch. A little skin-diver from Cupillard Rième that I received on my 7th birthday, and which accompanied me for years. A simple, utilitarian, waterproof and reliable watch. A satisfying object to wear as well as to look at. A watch that does little, but does so perfectly.” – Emmanuel Dietrich

Utilitarian Elegance

Beyond a mere cosmetic update from the original, the SD-2 signifies a shift in the series’ objective: it’s more functional, more utilitarian, yet distinctly maintains the DIETRICH form and meticulous attention to detail.

Missions Maritimes

Conceived as an amphibious field watch, the SD-2 excels both above ground and below sea level. It stands as a dependable companion, fulfilling its purpose as a practical tool.