Out of Production


Time and emotions in micro-mechanical motion.


“Have you ever experienced a moment where five minutes seemed to stretch out longer than usual? It’s theoretically impossible, yet metaphorically entirely plausible. That, in a nutshell, is the essence of Perception.”

– Emmanuel Dietrich

Complicated Simplicity

The Perception is Dietrich’s first venture into developing a ‘complication’ and its most philosophical design. Initially driven by the exploration of “biomorphic” industrial design, Emmanuel Dietrich sought to capture the memories and emotions in each second, highlighting the relative nature of time. The project faced significant challenges during development, particularly in realizing the concept of “relative seconds.” Despite difficulties, Emmanuel’s determination prevailed, resulting in the successful culmination of the Perception after several years of dedicated effort.


The Perception is not your typical timepiece; it demands an acquired taste. Crafted as a conversation piece, it caters to connoisseurs seeking something outside the conventional traditional complication route.