Out of Production


Time and emotions in micro-mechanical motion.


Have you ever had an experience where 5 minutes felt like a long time? Well, theoretically it is impossible, but metaphorically speaking, it is entirely plausible.

That is what the Perception is in a nutshell.

Complicated Simplicity

The Perception is Dietrich’s very first “simplication”, it is also perhaps, the most philosophical watch we have ever designed. At the very beginning, Emmanuel Dietrich’s goal with this project was not only to explore his perpetual interest in “biomorphic” industrial design, but also to materialize the memories, the feelings and emotions contained in every individual second, and thus capturing the perception that the duration of every second we live through is relative.

This project was one of our most challenging projects to date. During the development phase, our engineers encountered a lot of difficulty in materializing the concept of “relative seconds” due to the lack of torque on the seconds module needed to recreate the various speeds required for the concept to work. That being said, Emmanuel’s determination refused to let the project die. We persevered and fast forward a few long years, here we are now.


The Perception is not a regular watch, it is one that requires an acquired taste. We designed it to be a conversation piece for the connoisseur who desires something a little off the beaten path from the conventional traditional complication route.