Out of Production

Organic Time

Balance between feelings, forms, sensations and pleasure.


The Organic Time was conceived by our desire to “grow a watch the way nature would”. During the early stages of development, we looked to Hans Arp, a French sculptor, painter, and poet who was one of the leaders of the European avant-garde in the arts during the first half of the 20th century as the main point of inspiration. Hans Arp was well known for his art that shifts fluidly between abstraction and representation, and between organic and geometric forms. From there, the Organic Time was born.


In essence, the Organic Time embodies the translation of Emmanuel Dietrich’s design universe into an object that is intended to be appreciated and worn on the wrist. It is the expression of Emmanuel’s desire for balance between feelings, sensations, and forms.


Our watches were designed and created with a certain character in mind. The Organic Time was made for the aspirational collector who appreciates a watch that possess the spirit and beauty of high end, independent brands.