Out of Production

Dietrich Device

At the outer fringes of our time and space, we found the future vessel for your finest hours.


“The Dietrich Device (DD-1) was my endeavour to elevate the existing design language of the Organic Time series. Essentially, I aimed for a more refined, mature, and perceptively sleek aesthetic.”

– Emmanuel Dietrich


Designing and prototyping the DD-1 was no easy task. It embodies the fusion of space, depth, avant-garde, and organic elements that define Dietrich. Due to the demanding technical specifications of the case itself, several manufacturing partners had to withdraw due to the technical challenges and limitations, resulting in low production numbers. It stands as the second rarest in the Dietrich collection, surpassed only by the Perception.


The DD-1 is crafted for the design-savvy professional with a passion for horology at heart.