Out of Production

Dietrich Device

At the outer fringes of our time and space, we found the future vessel for your finest hours.


When designing the Dietrich Device (DD-1), we had to look deep within ourselves.

What if? Where is the limit? Where can design take us if we just let everything go and embark on an adventurous journey through form and space? What will timekeeping be like tomorrow? These questions form the heart of our approach which eventually led us to the creation of the DD-1, a more refined, matured and disciplined reiteration of the Organic Time.


At the very core, the DD-1 is the result of the interplay between space, depth, avant-garde and organic elements that makes Dietrich, Dietrich.

We faced many challenges during the development stage of the DD-1 due to its subtle complexities, which resulted in several of our development partners giving up midway through the project, and eventually ending up with very low production numbers. Apart from the Perception, the DD-1 is the second rarest among the entire Dietrich collection in terms of number of units produced.


The DD-1 was designed for the professional individual who is a design afficionado at heart and has a passion for horology.